• December 15, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Dolk Lundgren’s Best Of 2005

Favorite Event of 2005:

Backjumps and JR`s photo exhibition, both in Berlin.

Favorite Artist of 2005:

Camille rose garcia


Favorite New Artist of 2005 (an artist who you did not know of last year):

Pøbel, Norwegian Stencil dude. “Hard work” is my favorite piece.


Favorite Piece of Art of 2005



Favorite New Product or Trend of 2005:


Favorite Toy of 2005:

Im not really into toys and dont know much about this subject, but Flying fortress have some cool shit.

Favorite CD or Song of 2005:

Skyphone,Fabula.extremly chilled electronica for late nights.
Favorite Website of 2005:

wooster man!

What do you most want for Christmas?

Less fear when painting high risk spots.

How will you be spending the Holiday’s this year? / What will you be doing for New Years Eve?

Launch rockets with my ass.

What are you most looking forward to in 2006?

To finish my website and to meet new artists from all over the world. I also look forward to make more hand paintings and graf.