• July 27, 2012
  • Posted by Marc

One Not To Miss: Beauty Is Embarrassing

One of the things we learned fairly early on about the Wooster Collective website was that it was a source of inspiration for artists around the world to create more art. Seeing creative work from across the globe each morning inspires others to get out their and create more work of their own.  

This was the exact feeling that we had after seeing an upcoming documentary about the contemporary artist Wayne White. If you, like us, grew up watching Pee Wee's Playhouse than you've seen Wayne's work.  

Following the support we've lent to such films as Exit Through The Gift Shop, SENNA, and The Imposter, we're thrilled to be involved in the theatrical release of Beauty Is Embarrassing which will hit theaters in the United States beginning in September.  We'll be hosting screenings and events in the coming weeks so if you're a fan of Wayne's work and want to help out, drop us an email.  You'll see by the trailer below just how entertaining and inspiring the film is. We truly loved it and are excited to share Wayne's energy and creativity with all of you.